A LifePolicy helps you plan for every stage of your life, with coverage that can be customised to your needs. Options available for you to stack up your protection by up to multiple times of your basic sum insured, get additional coverage with range of Critical Illness riders, and supplement your nest egg by converting the cash value of your policy, so you can relish your retirement without worry.

Medical (Hospitalization)

The last thing your mind can bear when hospitalized, is a hefty hospital bill. A Hospitalization policy helps to reimburse part of the expenses. There are various plans for you to choose from, so you’re armed with one that best complements your needs. Easing the weight on your shoulders so you can focus on getting better.


Ride along the path to your golden years with us, we will customise a plan to your needs, while protecting you right from the start of the plan and into your retirement years or planned life stages, supporting you through times of uncertainty. You get to decide how your financial goals will pan out with customisable options, towards the dream finanical goal you have worked so hard for.


Portfolio diversity is important, especially when it comes to your investments. That is why we will design a unique portfolio with access to over 100 funds – including dividend-paying funds for potential income. Plus, enjoy a welcome bonus and yearly loyalty bonuses – giving you a line-up of options that will make your investment work harder for you.

*Investment carries certain risks. You should not just reply on results as an indication of your financial needs. You should understand and familiarize yourself with any investment and the associated risks before investing. You are also recommended to seek professional advice.

*Product terms and conditions apply. The illustrated benefit/coverage may vary by products. Please check with our financial advisors for more details.


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