Types of Stages

1. Individual

We come from people from all walks of life and face varying degrees of responsibility and commitment to ensure that our present is safe and secure enough to lead us into a future where we can live comfortably. One of the ways to be able to ensure the security that we need is through financial planning – a detailed examination of the financial situation and the development of strategies to reach quantifiable goals based on that information.


As uncertainty is prevalent in our current society’s day and age, we are surrounded by concerns how to take better care of ourselves. Therefore, we have qualified financial representatives that will be able to guide you at each stage of your lives – not just refining your assets, but also revising your savings and investments, placing them in the right places for the right environment.

2. Young Family

If you and your partner are thinking of having another addition to your family, your financial plans will start to transform anew which may be challenging as there are many aspects and factors to consider to be able to provide them their best shot at pursuing their dreams and passion.

Paramount factors that will have to be considered are such as retirement stability; family income; education for your child and assurance for your family’s future. Responsibilities in these areas will not only require vital and careful preparations, but they are also essential in having step-by-step plans that will fit with each transformative stage of your lives.

Therefore, we are here to ensure smooth transitions for you and your loved ones as your family grows.

3. Matured Family

At this stage, our youth begins a new stage in life, grows and paves their way into society. You and your partner begin to introspect how far you have come and how much your family needs to be able to provide sustainable financial stability and security as the both of you continue preparing for uncertain circumstances that may occur as you age.

Familiar phrases such as ‘critical illness’, ‘total & permanent disability’, ‘personal accidents’ and ‘deaths’ become start to become tangible concerns as you grow older. However, they also are integral steps to ensuring the comfort of coverage for your family. Therefore, we are not only here to provide the care of your family for you, but to also take these steps with you and protect your loved ones with peace of mind.

4. Retirement

Some of us lived many seasons, but for others, we are now in the right position to build foundations to support us and our loved ones and look to the future. Hence, what makes the greatest impact on our future is not how much value we make, but what we do with that value that makes the difference.

Retirement still looks like a distant destination, but the journey and process of reaching it may not be a foothold for a comfortable journey along the way. Therefore, we at Insurance Clinic are here to ensure that the proper guidance will provide the companions that safekeep you and your loved ones throughout.